Searching For Sea Glass on Lake Geneva

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Lake Geneva Ice

Lake Geneva Ice

It is the end of March, almost the first of April, in Lake Geneva. We are dreaming of playing golf, sailing, water skiing, hiking, summer barbecues and all things warm and sunny. Well that nasty old winter is hanging on and fighting us on those dreams. Today the boys walked across the lake in search of sea glass. For all of those who have not searched the beaches of the world, sea glass is broken glass that has been polished by nature rolling it across the sands of lakes and ocean’s. Smooth and polished by nature this broken glass takes on a new life and is a fun scavenger hunt.

The boys were walking on 9 inches of ice and 3-4 inches of slush, although their mother who is freaked about ice in general and was sure they were walking on air in the arms of their maker. They survived, the ice is really 9 inches thick, collected a bunch of sea glass, and had an adventure that was quite different than their classmates on the Spring break in warmer climes.

In just a few days spring and summer will be here,  these same boys will be wake surfing, swimming, back flipping for the summer girls, who they will be sure are the new loves of their lives. Oh to be young, strong and a kid in Lake Geneva.  

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One Response to “Searching For Sea Glass on Lake Geneva”

  1. April 02, 2013 at 3:35 pm, Dawn Doucette said:

    Brrrr… I would never have though of sea glass hunting on ice… I have a good friend on the Atlantic that designs jewelry from sea glass she collects from the beach by her. It’s amazing seeing the pieces and wondering where the pieces of glass had been, or who they belonged to before washing ashore!

    Glad the boys made it home safe Joel! 🙂


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